Pinay Scandal?

Pinay Scandal? Haven’t you heard about the latest buzz about the recent pinay scandal? They are all over the web. If you try to search for particular key terms in Google you’ll probably get accurate results for those particular keywords. Though I’m not an SEO guru, and I know nothing about SEO. I’m just here to write about current news and events happening in the entertainment world. So I’ll just give that part to those experts in the SEO arena.

What is it that people like about this recent pinay scandal trend? Filipinas today are different from before. Now, women in the Philippines are liberated, acts westernized, and are way more superior, not like in other countries wherein the males are superior and dominating. It is frustrating to know that other (foreigners) today tag Filipino women as slave, mail-to-order brides, scammers, exotic, and easy-to-get with money.
Since this recent trend arose, videos of nude women and couples making out are all over the web. This recent trend not only gives shame to our country, but also buries us deeper into the thirld-worldish kind of life we are living in. So how can we stop this kind of maltreatment to our Filipino women community? We do this by disseminating positive information about women here in the Philippines so that they will not be perceived as low-profile. That’s why I wrote this post as a support to clean up search engines and try to deceive those perverts who’s mainly searching for free pinay scandal videos on the web. I hope this post would be a lot of help.

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