Mr. Subway Guy:Because they forgot the Sauce!

OMG! Lol! Read this very hilarious news about a Florida man who got busted for calling 911 over an improperly prepared Subway sandwich.

Mr. Subway Guy 2008

AUGUST 5–If you’re wondering what the guy who called 911 to complain about his Subway sandwiches looks like, well, meet Reginald Peterson. The 42-year-old Florida man became so upset last Thursday when a pair of subs “did not include ‘everything’ as he had requested,” he called Jacksonville cops “so that the police could have his sandwich made to his specifications,” according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office report. Peterson, pictured in the mug shot, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of placing false 911 calls. A Subway employee told cops that an irate Peterson was “screaming at everyone in the business” because a worker could not seem to rectify the sandwich problem. As for the fate of the Subway grub, the sheriff’s report notes, “The sandwiches were placed in a trash can at the suspect’s request.”

I can’t imagine what people nowadays do just to get some attention. Well, Mr. Subway Guy here only seeks justice for his sandwich, and he has every right to do that. Of course, who wouldn’t? If I ordered a burger with coleslaw, mustard and cheese, I would really complain if I am given a burger with coleslaw, mustard without cheese. Understand what I mean? For the sandwich, for the WIN, for the Laughs!

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