Dayana Mendoza Scandalous Ad Photo

Sexy Jewelry Ad Campaign of Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela, the Miss Universe 2008 title holder, may lose her crown because of the latest sexy Ad controversy being published.

Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza

The Sun UK reports:

The 22-year-old Venezuelan beauty str!pped off for a sexy jewelry ad campaign before signing on as a contestant. Although the key snap – of Dayana topless with her arms covering her b00bs – will not offend British readers, it has caused controversy in more conservative countries. The President of the Miss Universe organization jumped to the defense of her queen. Paula M. Shugart said: “Dayana is not in jeopardy of losing the title.”We embrace and respect her success as a model and the artistic beauty captured in these photographs. They are artistic in nature and don’t have an ounce of porn*graphic content to them.”

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with what was seen in the Ad. Although, in fairness, it’s quite sexy and almost bare it all, but there seems to be nothing offensive about the said photo. And that particular ad was taken even before Dayana Mendoza entered the beauty pageant. You should be worried if Paris Hilton won Miss Universe because I’m very sure those Paris Hilton scary private videos and photos will always spread out on the net.

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