Megan Fox Is One Hot Nun

Megan Fox Wearing A Nuns Dress

I am kinda’ lost or something or maybe I’m just seeing things. Am I exactly seeing Megan Fox wearing a nun’s dress? Or am I just imagining her wearing only a nun’s dress without anything beneath it? I do hope so. Lol! Well Megan Fox is now doing a new movie as “Teresa: The Making of a Saint.” Not! That’s just part of the movie where Megan plays Sophie Maes, an aspiring actress in the movie How to Lose Friends and Alienate people.

Who would ever think a sexy babe like Megan Fox would be hired by producers to act the role of a nun? I can’t think of any right now. But yes, she’s definitely one of the hottest nuns that ever lived so nonetheless she’s still worth it.

Because the photo above looks very depressing for your pervielicious eyes, I’ve included some Megan Fox sexy photos after the cut.

Megan Fox Sexy Photo


Megan Fox Sexy Pic

Are you happy now?:D

Click here to watch the trailer of Teresa: The Making of A Saint

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