Audrina Patridge Wears a Sexy Gold Bikini

It seems like everybody’s been carried away by the recent Olympics in Beijing these days, or rather celebrities like Audrina Patridge are somewhat inspired by the event by wearing something gold. Of course, who wouldn’t want to wear something flashy for the eyes? Well, Audrina Patridge’s sexy gold bikini is worth watching and totally looks hottielicious for my pervielicious eyes. It seems like every time I see Audrina’s photos, she’s always seen in a tight sexy bikini; maybe that’s the only thing she can afford to buy. Although I don’t mind whatever color she’s wearing or if she had a b00b job as long as I’m satisfied with the view. It’s perfect!

Audrina Patridge Wearing a Sexy Gold Bikini

Sexier bikini photos of Audrina Patridge after the cut.

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