Paris Hilton – Nylon Magazine Cover Girl for November 2008

Paris Hilton Nylon Magazine Cover Girl
Paris Hilton is the cover girl of the November 2008 issue of Nylon Magazine entitled “The America Issue”. And guess what, inside the magazine she talks about crap, I mean, whatever she’s blabbing I’m sure I’m not gonna be interested. I just want to see her rip it all off. But for the sake of our Paris Hilton fanatics and admirers, let’s discuss a bit and tell our readers what’s going on with our dear old heiress’ life.

Some snippets inside Nylon magazine and photos of Paris Hilton after the cut.

Paris on her pooches:

“My dogs need to live nicely too! They have a chandelier and moldings and a bed and furniture and air conditioning in their doghouse. The closet at the top of the stairs, that’s where I keep their clothes.”

I like dogs but you’re not a dog so I don’t like you.

Paris on peoples’ first impression of her:

“Every time I meet someone – someone who’s honest – they’ll always say, ‘I didn’t like you before.’ But when they meet me, they always think I’m the sweetest, most down-to-earth girl.”

I still don’t like you now and even before.

Paris on Benji Madden:
“Am I going to get married? I don’t know when, but I would. It’s strange! But it works out, because Nicole [Richie] and I are like sisters.”

No comment. Splitsville in the next couple of months I suppose.

Paris on being in on the joke:

“I’m smart and I know what’s going on. I can laugh at myself; I’m in on the joke. I know what you guys think of me, and I’m going to play into it and make you laugh at the same time.”

I like this part where Paris is a joke. Obviously and unintentionally she is, cause she’s a b*tch. But still people love and admire her. WTF! Well that’s what you get when you’re rich; you can buy popularity. You can even be President of the U.S. if you wish to.

Paris Hilton Nylon Magazine Photo

Paris Hilton Nylon Photo

 Paris Hilton Cover Girl Photo

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