Scarlett Johansson is CosmoGirl for November 2008

Scarlett Johansson CosmoGirl Magazine Cover

The ever beautiful and sexy star Scarlett Johansson, who just wedded Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, for crying out loud, is now gracing the cover of CosmoGirl magazine for November 2008. It seems like every men and women’s magazine these days are politically themed and inclined. As the U.S presidential election is nearing its end, magazines are now dressing up celebrities like dummies wearing flag-like costumes in support for the upcoming election, which will soon change the country’s future. Anyhow, let’s stop talking about politics because I’m so tired of hearing and watching politicians talk crap promises that they couldn’t even fulfill.

After the cut some photos of Scarlett Johansson and snippets from her magazine interview.

Scarlett Johansson CosmoGirl November 2008

Scarlett Johansson CosmoGirl November Photo

On what it’s like talking to college students about the election during the primaries:

It was amazing that these kids are just so well-informed and so interested. There were really obscure questions and debates that they wanted to lead — I couldn’t believe it! And it was amazing how many of these kids turned out. We made the environment friendly. I’m 23, and all of these kids are probably between 16 to 24. They’re my peers, so we can all talk on the same wavelength. We’re all connected by the same issues.

On celebrity endorsements during presidential elections:

In this day and age, the media has this 24-hour news cycle that they need to fulfill their obligation to. And it seems like celebrities are a huge part of that, so it just seems unavoidable. It’s important to bring to light certain issues. If this spotlight is already shining on me and I feel like there’s a worthwhile cause, then why not direct it toward that? I hope that my [involvement] encourages the youth population to go out and inform themselves.

On true equality existing in our country:

I think that we still live in a country that’s sexist and racist. Those are issues that we deal with whether we want to ignore it or not. Seeing how the media portrayed Hillary [Clinton] with unbelievable sexism — some of the things that people were saying were just so overwhelming. You just couldn’t believe the names that they were calling her! As much as I feel like there is this American Dream that is an equal opportunity to succeed, I don’t think that it is a reality. I’m not pessimistic, though. I think we have the potential to someday reach that.

On giving brother Hunter advice on dating:

You know what? It is true, actually. Who else has he got? I’m the first source, right? He gets a firsthand point of view from a girl his same age. I love it. I feel like it’s something nice that we can bond over.

On the first thing that comes to mind when she hears the word happiness:

Things that make me happy are being with my friends and family, and also things like a challenge — using my brain, you know? That makes me feel good. When I’m challenged and when I feel like I want to get to the bottom of something, when I’m engaged, that makes me happy. Being engaged in something or bettering myself in some way.

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