Criselda Volks Video Scandal

Criselda Volks

There are scandalous videos of the former sexy actress Criselda Volks circulating around the internet and are passed on through mobile phones. The video is said to be made by Criselda Volks and her former boyfriend of 5 years. She even admitted that she was the girl on the alleged private videos on ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” yesterday, and also she even believes that her former boyfriend was not behind the proliferation of the video.

Watch Criselda Volks video now.

Criselda Volks Video

According to Criselda Volks:

“Kami ‘yon ng boyfriend ko ng five years. Kami ang magkasama so automatically siyempre nagvi-video-han kami. So, it was supposed to be a video na hindi kumalat. It’s a personal video,” she tearfully said.
“I don’t regret making the video because it was supposed to be a personal file, personal namin ‘yon. Sumasama ang loob ko doon sa naglabas ng video,” she added.


Well personally speaking, I don’t believe that her ex-boyfriend is not behind the distribution of those s-e-x videos cause usually once you’re no longer in a relationship, the boys have the tendency of boasting their mighty egos. And one way of doing that is by showing off some private and personal videos to friends and co-workers, which are then passed on using the Internet and cellular phones. Hello! If you have done videos with your ex-bf, you should have deleted them when you broke up. And to be honest, you should never trust guys, because even if we are that careful we still become jerks sometimes.

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10 Responses to “Criselda Volks Video Scandal”

  1. Making a video like that is one of the most stupid things you can ever do these days. Haven’t they learned from past victims? Or probably they want to imitate Paris Hilton who even got more famous because of her s-e-x video!

  2. didnt see any of the video yet but i pity criselda for that.some guys are really stupid in anyways..

  3. Well, this is really something that is already gasgas but still women subject themselves to this stupid act. Hanep ang traffic natin ha hehehe.

  4. you’re right girl!!hehe!!

  5. paano ko makita ang video ni criselda volks

  6. kindly email the video to me @ thanks

  7. paki send nmn skin ung video through e-mail? pls>??

  8. send me a copy of that video please!!! thanks

  9. where can i find her sex video? pls!!! pk post nmn kng san mkkta…tnx //?

  10. amid a. canillo on March 13th, 2009 at 1:16 am

    please tell me how 2 watch katrina halili and hayden kho sex video also criselda volks sex vide

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