Caitlin Davis – New England Patriots Cheerleader Prank Photos

Caitlin Davis Pic

Caitlin Davis is an 18-year-old New England Patriots cheerleader who graduated from Foxboro High School. She is known to be the youngest cheerleader who made it to the roster of the NEP’s cheerleading squad. But then all of this has to end when some prank photos of Caitlin Davis surfaced out of Facebook which showed her doing some pretty nasty things; writing naughty words, drawing male organs, as well as swastikas all over the face, arms, and body of her passed out friend. Because of that she was quickly booted out of the squad.

View the alleged Facebook prank photos of the now former New England Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis after the jump.

Caitlin Davis Facebook Prank Photo

Caitlin Davis Facebook Prank Picture

According to the Boston Herald report about her dismissal, the fact that she and her friends put the word or an image of a penis on their friend at least 14 times wasn’t the problem. However, there were also swastikas drawn on his chin and upper back. Unfortunately, Patriots owner Bob Kraft is a big supporter of the Anti-Defamation League, and doesn’t take kindly to anything involving anti-semitism. Not that it takes membership in the ADL to realize that there’s something wrong with drawing swastikas on someone’s face.

Goodness gracious, didn’t she know that swastikas were used by the Nazi’s regime, who by the way, persecuted a lot of Jews during WWII? I may be a jerk, but I personally do not intend to think that that was a nice joke. She could have drawn every male and female organ that she could imagine. I’d give her the best perv cheerleader award if I have to. She was supposed to be a hot chick, but nah she’s totally one pathetic sl*t.

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