Cheetah Girls Adrienne Bailon Scandalous Photos Are Out!

Adrienne Bailon Photo Scandal

There have been scandalous pictures, obviously uncovered shots of Adrienne Bailon’s sexy body, the 25-year-old singer and member of The Cheetah Girls. The alleged scandalous photos are supposed to be personal pictures of the Disney actress, which were stolen a week ago from her laptop and are now being sold to the highest bidder. Adrienne has already taken legal actions against the person behind the proliferation of the pictures and she already apologized to her fans for the pain, this issue might have caused them.

See the alleged Adrienne Bailon scandal pictures after the jump.

Adrienne Bailon Sexy Photo

Adrienne Bailon Very Sexy Photo

Ok! Here’s another scandal which involves a Disney star seen n[]de. Why is it that scandals are circulating around the Disney family? Is there a possible explanation for this? Are teens nowadays too liberated that they can’t help themselves out? After Vannesa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus got their bare photos exposed on the internet, now Adrienne Bailon is the next victim or rather (due to carelessness resulting to this cyberspace frenzy) talk of the town. Well who’s next on the line? Just send in your sexy photos and I’ll post them. Lol! These were supposed to be personal photos, but heck, in the life of a celebrity it’s actually nothing personal. Once you are in the lime light expect these things to happen, after all, it’s their only way to full stardom. Always remember that boys are always jerks.

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