Taylor Swift’s Fearless Album (Song List + mp3 song downloads)

 Taylor Swift - Fearless Album

Taylor Swift’s second album entitled Fearless, which contains 11 tracks all written by the American pop and country music artist herself, is going to debut today November 11, 2008 on various music and video stores. I know many are already searching the internet for free mp3 song downloads, Taylor swift lyrics, and even music videos. I hope this helps a bit. I’ve already heard some songs from her newly released album; the recent ones I’ve heard were You Belong to Me, Hey Stephen, Tell Me Why, White Horse, and Forever and Always. She even did a duet with the popular MySpace singer Colbie Caillat in one of her songs entitled Breathe. Taylor’s songs focus more on a mainstream country-pop appeal, and they truly capture the hearts of her young listeners. And by the way, she looks hot in her new album cover.

Check out Taylor Swift’s Fearless album song list after the jump. Enjoy!

  1. Fearless
  2. Fifteen
  3. Love Story
  4. Hey Stephen
  5. White Horse
  6. You Belong with Me
  7. Breathe duet with Colbie Caillat
  8. Tell Me Why
  9. You’re Not Sorry
  10. The Way I Loved You
  11. Forever & Always
  12. The Best Day
  13. Change

If you are looking for some free mp3′s on this blog, I’m sure you’ll find them if you search the internet. It’s quite big actually and its quite simple if you really look for the songs.

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  1. [...] lovely music but also her hotness on the covers of the magazines. Her recent second studio album Fearless gained a lot of attention from her fans, which hit the top 1 Billboard 200 Album Chart and even [...]

  2. This young girl has been misguided into thinking she can sing. I am so embarrassed for her.

  3. Taylor is my fav singer!

  4. I just needed to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  5. So pretty! Taylor Swift!

  6. there is no other music artist like taylor swift, she is definitely a goddess. i love ya taylor swift `”

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