Britney Spears Circus Album Leaked Song Downloads?

Britney Spears Circus Album Cover

There have been rumors that Britney Spears’ sixth studio album entitled Circus has been leaked via media sharing download websites. The new album which is set to be released this coming December 2, 2008, as a special day for Britney’s 27th birthday may have its early debut in November. Some leaked song tracks from her forthcoming album are Circus, Out from Under, If U Seek Amy, Unusual You, Womanizer, and Kill The Lights.

If you are looking for legitimate mp3 downloads and full album downloads, I suggest you look for it via rapidshare and torrent and see if these song downloads are not a hoax, as some say, that the leaked songs are just more of a PR stunt, with Britney’s recording company behind all the hocus pocus for promotional purposes.

Catch a leaked version of the song Circus after the jump. Enjoy!

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One Response to “Britney Spears Circus Album Leaked Song Downloads?”

  1. personally I think she’s sorta nudeish.the words of most of her songs are sexually just plain werid.But all that I realy don’t listin to anymore.But I must admit britney’s new single ”kill the lights” totally a awesome song it gives a very real life spoke to me.I had this guy that is now my ex-boyfriend and he seemed to me like he wasn’t able to get over me cause he was all over me like some animal and he even said that he was never intersted in me when in the first place he said he thought of me as a girlfriend and know what else I bet if britney saw my music video on that same song(kill the light) she’d be impressed cause I’m makingmy own music video this summer on her song(kill the light).I say brit did a very awesome job on her single for kill the lights. YOU ROCK BRIT!

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