Tina Sherman Files $3M Lawsuit against McDonalds for Exposing Private Photos

Mc Donalds Lawsuit

There’s a recent buzz going on at McDonalds; it’s not food related but it may lead to something worth talking about. The world’s most popular fast food chain is being sued by a woman named Tina Sherman for exposing her private photos online. The leaked photos were Tina’s personal pics sent to her husband’s mobile phone. Her husband accidentally left his mobile phone at McDonalds, and was promised by the staff of the food chain that they will secure the phone until it was retrieved. Even though the phone was returned to Phillip Sherman, most of the private pictures of his wife as well as her contact details made its way on the internet. Tina Sherman and her husband Phillip Sherman are now suing McDonald’s for $3 million due to emotional distress and hardship.

This is what’s going to happen if you are careless and you accidentally leave your belongings behind, especially your mobile phone. Let it be a lesson to all that once you have some private stuff stored in your mobile phones, you should never leave it anywhere and better guard it with your life. I’m not kidding, there are a lot of jerks nowadays that will make the most out of those videos and photos online and they mean business here. Not unless you broke up with your wife or girlfriend and you are planning to expose your private moments together on the internet as a form of revenge, then go ahead and spread it online.

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