Kristen Stewart Caught In The Act (Pictures)

Kristen Stewart Smoking Picture

Here’s 18-year-old Twilight movie star Kristen Stewart caught smoking “ganja” out of a pipe just outside her Los Angeles crib. Geez! It’s such a turn off seeing a pretty looking girl, whose recent vampire movie Twilight just hit the box office, smoking crap. I guess not being obsessed with young stars is never too late. I know those things could kill you even if you take them in small amounts and trust me they are really addictive if you ever try one of those.

I still haven’t watched Kristen Stewart’s movie yet due to heavy office workloads but I’ll try my best this coming weekend. But maybe if there are sources available on the web, I might watch the Twilight full movie online cause my officemate’s been talking about it all day and I think I’m spoiled enough to know what’s going to happen in the movie. Gosh!

More Kristen Stewart’s caught in the act pictures after the jump.

Kristen Stewart Smoking Picture

Kristen Stewart Caught Smoking In a Pipe

Kristen Stewart Smoking In a Pipe Picture

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9 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Caught In The Act (Pictures)”

  1. you are obviously living under a rock. marijuana does not kill.

  2. let her live her life. geez

  3. I do not believe this….. How could any one be so dimwitted to be smoking that… what is she thinking??? I dont want to believe it but, you never know, but, how do you know someone did not photoshop this??? I could like cry over this…. And well it dose not kill you but, it is hard to stop… could she live her life in peace… you know most celeberties ” britney spears” do it for fame others cause they want to! It is very stupid… but, this is caused when people want to get you in times that people dont want to know! If anyone would do this I dont think you would do it on you door step.. you think they would be more smart and hide.. Do you guys really think that she is smoking??? If so… then lets hope that this dose not effect her carere, in twilight<3 I dont know why people actully do this! I wish I had a way to find out if it is true or not, that would be cool but, you know this could be a joke! She could be just trying it… you never know
    any ideas let me know <3

  4. are you serious? who fuckin care is she smokes weed?! it’s not like that makes her a horrible person. i smoke every day and im perfectly fine. You know what they say, “don’t knock it before you try it”

  5. Weed is fine.
    In fact she’s gone up a point or two in my book.

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  7. im still ur number one fan

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