Terminator 4 Salvation Full Japanese Trailer Leaked

I just have to blog about this, so sexy ladies step aside first. Here it is, the leaked full length trailer of the upcoming sci-fi war movie Terminator: Salvation, which is yet to be released next year May 22, 2009. The Terminator: Salvation trailer was apparently leaked from Japan and I’m posting the video for all of you guys to see. This trailer is definitely jam packed with robotic destruction and I know you are already very excited to watch this movie when it hits the cinemas next year.

Just a spoiler for you guys before you watch the full length trailer; the video is loaded with lots of new robots built to annihilate humanity. The likes of the gigantic mechs, bikebots, and the harvesters.

Better check out the Terminator 4 Salvation Full Trailer video now.

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