Maria Florencia Onori as Virgin Mary in Playboy Mexico

There’s a recent controversy surrounding the latest December 2008 cover of Playboy Mexico magazine. Featured in front of the men’s magazine cover is a sexy model named Maria Florencia Onori posing as the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, standing in front of a stained glass window wearing nothing but only a white cloth over her head and body, with the magazine’s cover line saying “We Love You, Maria” in Spanish.. This Playboy magazine already hit newsstands days before a major Roman Catholic celebration; the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe that eventually made a huge uproar and offended a lot of Mexican devotees.

Even though I am a fan of ladies posing and bearing everything in every men’s’ magazine that I know of, I could never dare to even fantasize in this kind of imagery and it’s no longer entertaining. I live in a Roman Catholic dominated country and while keeping the faith alive, I respect and worship the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ for crying out loud. But if you’re an atheist and you don’t care about any religion then feast on Playboy Mexico’s Virgin Mary cover after the jump.

Maria Florencia Onori Playboy Mexico Cover Girl

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2 Responses to “Maria Florencia Onori as Virgin Mary in Playboy Mexico”

  1. Playboy got the idea from the new blasphemous novel by Charles Webb. The book “Sex with THE Virgin Mary” published by mocks the entire Catholic Church and especially Mary’s virginity.

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