Baywatch Star Jeremy Jackson and Sky Lopez Video Scandal

Former Baywatch actor and child star Jeremy Jackson and p*rn queen Sky Lopez did record a video of themselves while “doing that thing you do”. It’s a 45-minute Jeremy Jackson s-e-x tape for crying out loud. Jeremy, a.k.a Hobie in the popular Baywatch TV series, claimed that his best friend was the one who taped the video during a casual encounter with his former fubu Sky Lopez. The recorded private video was said to be handed over by Jeremy Jackson to thugs who showed up at his place, asking for the DVD back on Lopez’s behalf. The tape was then shopped around, and Vivid C.E.O. Steven Hirsch is offering Jeremy a lowball offer of $5,000 to sign off on Vivid releasing the s*x tape.

Well what can I say about this alleged video scandal between Jeremy Jackson and Sky Lopez? Their case is not worth mentioning because I think every celebrity who has made their own private videos either became popular or rich. So what’s the point of bragging that you were blackmailed by some dirty thugs? Sign of a deal and ask for a million dollars, then you’ll become popular and even filthy rich.

Here’s a still picture of the said Jeremy Jackson video tape after the jump.

Watch a short Clip of the Alleged Jeremy Jackson Video

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