Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho Scandal Video

Dr. Hayden Kho is really buzzing up the entertainment blogosphere this month as some of his alleged scandalous videos with former FUBU Katrina Halili are already surfacing the internet.  And now another shocking video scandal is being released with Dr. Hayden Kho screwing up a commercial model and a talent of ABS-CBN named Maricar Reyes. The Maricar Reyes that I’m talking about here is a TV Commercial model and actress. She can be seen in the previous Modess TV commercial and in the just concluded TV Series I Love Betty La Fea.

Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho Scandal

If you’ve never seen the Katrina Halili – Hayden Kho video scandal that was leaked in YouTube a week ago, then this latest video scandal involving Dr. Vicky Belo’s ex-boyfriend and a young model named Maricar Reyes will surely bring your physical senses to the climax.
The alleged Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho scandal video is said to be one of Dr. Hayden Kho’s video collections that were stolen from his laptop. Wait till you see how this wholesome looking doctor and beautiful young model named Maricar Reyes do the dirty dance in bed. If the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho scandal video was enough to make you play for the whole week then wait till you see how Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho show their wild sides in bed.

Take a peak at the Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho Scandal here.

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42 Responses to “Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho Scandal Video”

  1. yari tong si maricar=)

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  4. grabeh! this is sooo shocking to see a very beautiful model turned actress na doctor pa naman.. nakakaawa tlaga sila ni Katrina.. Hayden Kho should be punished for this.. including those who circulated these private videos.. pathetic Hayden.. and his monster gf Vicki Belo.. i think this is revenge for her…

  5. i think vicki belo belo is the one behind all this.. shes so helpless!! bastard! insecure imbecile1 kawawa ang nga babaeng biktima ni hayden at ni monster viki! im sure mas grabe ang mga videos nilang dalawa ni hayden..eww!

  6. well…if the videos were taken when it is still public knowledge that vicky belo and hayden kho are a couple, well, i guess i can only say one thing. they deserve to be humiliated. specially katrina na tinutulungan pa ni vicki belo.

  7. hayden kho isang kang hayup pinag pala maswerte unggoy

  8. galing ni maricar



  10. hehe..sna maging doctor din ako…

  11. kapal ng mga mukha nio!
    ang mga manyakis na tulad nio ay pinuputulan ng tuto at idinidisplay sa luneta.
    kadiri kayo!

  12. ang talino d ginagamit s kagaguhan…bobo!edukado k p nman daig mo p ung mga hayop s gubat..f*ck y*u…ang gwapo mo!ang yabang mo..wala k bng mother or sister..f*ck sa c belo n lng ung ginawaan mo ng scandal pareho kayong praning..gud luck s karma nyo..!

  13. they deserved all of this….
    change back to GOD….
    ask forgiveness…
    it will end soon..

  14. The title of the scandal should be O TIGRE (UST), LAPAIN MO ANG PAKPAK (Ateneo Eagle) KO! maricar ang galing mo halos masira yung kama sa tindi mong gumiling ang ingay mo pa!

  15. tangina kang hayden ka sunugin ka sa impiyerno!!


  17. hoy katrina tama na yan pera lang katapat mo hingi na hehheheh

  18. ok ka doctora maricar…wow!!! wala ka dapat ikahiya sa ginawa mo be happy at nasarapn ka to the max hehehhehe

  19. juliUS D DELICIOUS borbon on May 25th, 2009 at 12:54 am


  20. hehehe.

    NAsa una ang sarap….

  21. Tsk! Dapat kasi itinagi nya ng husto yung mga video para hindi sila lahat inaalat ngayon. Palagay ko pinagsisihan nya na may pinagsabihan sya na meron syang mga videon ganun. Meron din pong Katrina and Hayden sa

  22. kakaawa nmn ung mga babae..natural nmn ung ginwa nila,,pero ung i upload pa.grabeh.mas grabeh ung k in frness mas magaling sya kesa kay katrina.though ung mga gnung bagay ay in private lng dpt ine enjoy.kung sino man nglabas nyan..i’m sure m galit sa mga babae..mlamang si vicky nga..anyway sya ung tinuturo n kuno ay ngpabura ng files.

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  24. It’s sad that even the ladies think that Katrina deserved this. She doesn’t. She can be condemned for sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend, but a sex video is a whole different thing. And for the ladies to comment on how “good” or “bad” the women are in these videos is disgusting. They are the victims here. These women are adults, and they shouldn’t be judged on sleeping with Hayden. They’re adults who engaged in sex. That’s none of anyone’s business. The crime here is taping it without the other person’s knowledge and for it to be put up in the internet for everyone to see. It is obvious that Hayden hid the camera. What happened here is called “paninirang puri,” and no amount of money can ever be enough to get your dignity back. Hayden should be put behind bars, and so are the people who uploaded the vids on the net.

  25. Revengeofthegirls on May 28th, 2009 at 10:56 am

    I agree. The crime here is taking advantage of people who trusted you. It’s a shame in the macho Philippine society you see comments from men applauding the actions of Hayden Kho and judging the female victims. It’s especially sad to see the comments on Maricar Reyes. I know how hard it is to get her degrees. In a country where people are in bad need of doctors, she was in fact also serving as a general practioner. I think the fact that she is beautiful and intelligent (despite her poor judgment in choosing someone like Hayden Kho) posed a threat to the likes of egotistic people like Hayden Kho and his circle which is why attempts to put people down with circulating videos like these have been made.Face it men, deep down women like Maricar Reyes make you insecure. But if she was a guy, she would be your idol.

  26. all i can say! mas d best ang scandal nina maricar and hayden kaisa kai katrina … galing talaga nila sobra!!! two thumbs up sa inyo!!! hahaikzzz… lol!!!

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  28. Can someone please help stop the videos lurk in the net? Can someone stand up for what is just… what is right for these women? Let us not delight in their tragedy.

    Bloggers, please have pity on the victims, especially on Maricar and her family. Do not aggravate their agony…please.

  29. all those who commented negatively to hayden….all i can say is that u also enjoyed the what rt have u to criticize him….the victims admitted they knew about the cam & yet they didnt refuse hving sex with him….in other words,they also wanted it….it wasnt hayden who had this videos circulated….so what is his fault? the victims were all single and not married…meaning they are free to express their real identity may she or he be a pro or…hyden didnt commit adultery or whatever…we are all not in the position to judge people for their wrong doings.the videos were his personal belongings…even him is a victim bec it was stolen from him.if there are no malicious minded people,these videos wont be popularized in any way….let us not be bias…we’ve only seen the videos but not the behind scenes….maybe we shld all be intelligent enough to comment and be silent about the whole issue….as the saying goes….dont judge a book by its cover…
    anyone who hasnt sinned as what Jesus said when people condemned Mary Magdalene for being a prostitute may the first to cast a stone to those who sinned…and katrina….don’t wash hands….it wasnt hayden who visited you to your room….the video shows that it was you who wnt to his room….so what does it mean?dont tell the public that you were abused….these videos somehow will let the the public know and realize what really happened in the room whenever anything scandal like this come up….i for one enjoyed the video but never look at it in a different manner…it’s an art and i also want to imitate the acts…it will help me and my hubby enjoy sex…A LOT!!!!hehehe.don’t you think so guys and fellow wives?honestly its not just 2 thumbs up…’s worth a million….muah!!!!!

  30. Maricar you’re the best…super galing mo

  31. Wow~king ina lufet~
    tang ina bobo amP~sayang mga pinaghirapan mo~

  32. dapat maparusahan and may sala

  33. @dimples: bow ako sa u, pingi ng number mo…. parang doctor ka kung sumagot :xD

    @para sa mga feeling walang fantaziah: inggits lang kau…

    @para sa mga pulitikong nakisawsaw: maghanap na lang kayo sa pasay at malate ng mga kamukha nila, para at least matahimik naman kayo, can afford naman kayo…kawawa naman yung mga babae, na-hayden cam na, ginawa nyo pa ng puhunan sa pulitika….

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  36. sad to see all this nudity in the web.. nakakasira sa atin mga PINOY!!!… what makes is worse is that he’s a profesional….
    hope he gets what he deserves… and to the girls … hope you learn your lesson…

  37. Truly amazing hayden kho scandal video and it was really shocking on the world of entertainment. hayden kho got 40 girls on the list of his video collection.

  38. I believed that hayden kho is completely innocent. i mean he wont do anything to damaged his own god damn reputation di ba. kung meron dapat managot ung mga nagpakalat ng video ang habulin nyo. pero pleased lang s nagpakalat ng video i up load mo muna lahat ng video bago k mgpahuli…harharharhar

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  41. dapat parusahan yang si hayden.. wag nang buhayin yan.. haha

  42. tang!na sana ako nalang 2mira kay maricar^^

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