Katrina Halili Sues Hayden Kho for the leaked Video Scandal

Hayden Kho Katrina Halili Scandal

The sexy actress Katrina Halili is desperately seeking justice with the help of Senator Bong Revilla Jr. and the National Bureau of Investigation in which she will be filing a lawsuit against her former lover and video scandal partner Dr. Hayden Kho. In a closed door meeting held at the office of Sen. Bong Revilla today, Katrina Halili were accompanied by two of her laywers and was asked to submit her affidavit to the investigators. The Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili video scandal really made such a big buzz that outraged the actor/senator himself. After watching the alleged Katrina Halili video scandal, Senator Bong Revilla made a Senate privilege speech denouncing the young doctor and former lover of Katrina Halili, and called for the revocation of Hayden Kho’s medical practice license. Bong Revilla also called him a ‘predator’ and ‘s*x maniac’.

This issue got way more bigger than I ever imagined, it’s live reliving the Edison Chen era in Hong Kong wherein his scandalous pictures and videos were spread all over the internet for the world to see. The videos were much similar to that of the Maricar Reyes video scandal and Katrina Halili scandal, both of which were former lovers of Hayden Kho. Hayden Kho loves to secretly tape his escapades with his lovers, eventhough they may or may not know that they are being taped. The Hayden Kho scandal videos will pretty much be ingrined in our erotic senses for the months to come. The scandalous video taping that were leaked in various sources like YouTube and Torrent sites only prove that the internet has the power over everything.

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  2. i know its not for me to say… but hey katrina is been doing it to people who can pay her… she’s no different with other asian skunks… just a thought…

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