Ruffa Mae Quinto – Hayden Kho Scandal Video

Ruffa Mae Quinto - Hayden Kho Scandal

The trouble caused by the release of the Hayden Kho scandal videos on the internet was way to big too handle that it even struck even the pillars of the Senate itself. The Katrina Halili Hayden Kho scandal, as well as the Maricar Reyes Hayden Kho scandal is already out in the open, and the only thing that might keep it from spreading more is if the women involved in the said video scandals would file charges against Dr. Hayden Kho. But that doesn’t stop from there. Rumor has it that there is another scandalous video that might soon come out involving a sexy comedian. I think you already know who I’m referring tohere. The said comedian is no other than Ruffa Mae Quinto, who allegedly had a secret involvement with Dr. Hayden Kho in the past but keeps on denying it. The only proof that they really had a secret love affair is if the Ruffa Mae Quinto Hayden Kho scandal video comes out in the open. And it’s just a matter of time before someone uploads another Hayden Kho video scandal on the internet and the rumors would stop. If indeed the video is true, then it would really be a big slap in Ruffa Mae’s face. Just imagine thousands of onlookers just waiting for the right moment to get hold of the private video would really cause this issue to go way beyond our wildest dreams.

Take a peek at Dr. Vicki Belo’s interview regarding the Ruffa Mae Quinto-Hayden Kho scandal secret love affair.

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