Vicky Belo – Hayden Kho Scandal Video?

Vicky Belo-Hayden Kho Scandal

It’s very undeniable that before the Dr. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho break-up happened last December, they were one of the sweetest couple in the showbiz industry. Two doctors bound for a May-September relationship was undoubtedly unbelievable to happen, but despite that they remained to be truly in love with each other, I guess. But then the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho scandal was rumored to happen, which came as a surprise to everybody since Katrina Halili allegedly denied the rumors that they did not have an intimate relationship with Dr. Hayden Kho. The rumored Hayden Kho scandal video collection was then spread on the internet like wildfire. The Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho video was leaked in YouTube and was uploaded in Torrent sites for downloading and public pleasure.

Following the footsteps of the Katrina Halili scandal video were the Maricar Reyes scandal, the TV commercial model, the Brazilian model who’s identity is yet to be confirmed, and the Ruffa Mae Quinto Hayden Kho scandal video, which is still unconfirmed if the video of the sexy comedian and the young doctor really exists. According to some valuable sources, the Vicky Belo – Hayden Kho scandal video really is true. The couple videotaped their intimate scenes together, which according to Dr. Vicky Belo’s attorney Adel Tamano, was for personal consumption only and not for public viewing. The said Vicky Belo scandal video was deleted after the couple watched it. But what if the video scandal was not deleted by Hayden Kho and that someone got hold of it and is planning to reveal it to the public? Will you watch Vicky Belo – Hayden Kho scandal for free? Wink*

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