Yasmien Kurdi – Baron Geisler Scandal

Yasmien Kurdi - Baron Geisler Scandal

There’s another showbiz scandal controversy for us to follow this week concerning to young stars that were supposedly be the leading stars of GMA’s new soap opera, entitled ‘Suspetsa’. Right after the shocking revelation of the scandalous videos of Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, and the Brazilian model, here’s another scandal that would heat up in the next days to come. We will probably call this the Yasmien Kurdi – Baron Geisler scandal; as it deals with some sexually explicit acts that people with the right kind of thinking will probably not engage into.

The issue upfront is probably not similar to the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho scandal, Maricar Reyes scandal, and the Ruffa Mae Quinto scandal, but still, this is something that should be talked about. Yesterday May 25, Kapuso star Yasmien Kurdi went to the PNP Women’s and Children’s Protection Center in Camp Crame to file charges against co-star Baron Geisler for acts of lasciviousness and unjust vexation. Baron Geisler, who still faces an existing act of lasciviousness case against Patricia Martinez, is said to have been sexually harassing Yasmien Kurdi on the set of their new teleserye ‘Suspetsa’.

According to reports made by those who were present on the set last May 21, Baron approached Yasmien Kurdi, and then, without warning touched her private parts and even tried to mast*rbate in front of the young actress while others are watching. In a scene where Yasmien was supposed to go up a spiral staircase wearing a dress, Baron, according to the witness, waited for Yasmien to go up to peep on her, and after the take, Baron allegedly mast*rbated in front of Yasmien. The scene was even witnessed by Yasmien’s personal assistant and actress Jennylyn Mercado. Supposedly, the PA was also able to record the incident with a cellphone camera. Hmmm another video scandal in the making I guess. I think with the incident now being filed, Barron Geisler will definitely be put behind bars for this. If he has sexual issues that he cannot control; he should have hired some call girls and let these love birds deal with his urges.

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