Hayden Kho – Maricar Reyes Scandal Video Part 3

If you’ve already seen the first part of the Maricar Reyes Hayden Kho scandal video then check out another video from the Hayden Kho scandal video collections. The silently uploaded Maricar Reyes scandal video part 3 I think would be another issue that would raise the eyebrows of some politicians.

Hayden Kho Maricar Reyes Scandal Part 3

The Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes scandal Part 3 is definitely wilder and more sensual than the other video collections of Hayden Kho. This time the video camera is focused at the couple on a widescreen angle showing their escapades. You can never doubt if the video is indeed the real thing cause the moment you watch the first length of the scandal video, you would surely notice the couple behind the video scandal. And now it’s no longer secretly videotaped, Maricar Reyes knows that the camera is rolling while she’s on rampage. I never thought that Maricar Reyes could be this wild, I mean really, the Maricar Reyes scandal video shows how naughty she is in private. I guess videotaping your private moments together makes you wanna express, just like in acting. Hayden Kho, on the other hand looks like a douchebag, he’s like a weirdo wearing a wig. If the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili scandal made a big uproar in the Philippines, wait till everybody sees this video.

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13 Responses to “Hayden Kho – Maricar Reyes Scandal Video Part 3”

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  2. How do you know that Maricar knew she was being videotaped? If you think she was looking at the camera, I think that was because they were canvassing portable computers through Hayden’s portable. The video doesn’t look edited, the camera went live at the start and Hayden slyly adjusted the screen to aim the camera.
    I saw the clip 19 minutes and 43 seconds long and I don’t see anything that indicates that Maricar is aware or even consented to being videotaped. She doesn’t strike me as a woman who would, so please cut her some slack.

  3. gRabe ang galing nyo,sana tayo rin hayden palitan mo na c katrina
    wala na syang katas!!katrina ang laki laki na butas ng puke mo,grabe basag na basag ka na!!!lawlaw na suso mo!!

  4. Sarap mo naman Maricar! Punta ka sa Bahay ko. Gawa tayo Maraming Scandals! LOL

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  6. yak

    sana hindi kmi maging ganyan nakaka deriv
    nakakaawa ka naman te

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  8. HaayDenArayKooPooh on August 25th, 2010 at 5:46 am

    Kawawa naman si doktora.

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  10. that is cool

  11. ndi ako nani2wala sa scndal moe ang importanti mahal kita

  12. i love it

  13. atleast maricar is so beautiful.. i don’t mind the thing she did with hayden,,, i will always love maricar reyes!!

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