Miley Cyrus BJ Photo Scandal Leaked

Miley Cyrus Leaked Photo

People are probably wondering if the alleged Miley Cyrus BJ scandal photo is really true or not. I know many are already looking for it on the internet just to take a peak at the alleged scandal photo of Disney teen star Miley Cyrus blowing some guy’s willy. The leaked Miley Cyrus BJ photo is a fake (see picture after the jump) The photo is the work of a pervert who wants to make it look like theirs a leaked scandal photo of Miley just to grab some whoring attention. Although we’d really like to see a true Miley Cyrus BJ photo but I don’t think there’s one out yet. But if someone got hold of the Miley Cyrus hacked photos then there’s no doubt the leaked picture is probably true. Let’s just wait maybe tomorrow or the next day, we’ll have the chance of seeing Miley Cyrus doing that thing celebrities do.

Check out the alleged Miley Cyrus BJ photo after the jump.

Miley Cyrus BJ Photo

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7 Responses to “Miley Cyrus BJ Photo Scandal Leaked”

  1. The photo is real.

    1) EXIF data:

    Camera: Research In Motion BlackBerry 9000
    Flash: No flash function
    Focus: At 0mm
    Date: April 9, 2009 1:54:32PM
    File: 1,200 × 1,600 JPEG (1.9 megapixels)
    183,381 bytes (0.17 megabytes) Image compression: 97%

    2) Picture taken at that very night on Miley’s Twitter, with EXIF date proving it – Shows her with the same rosy cheeks and the same hairstyle.

    3) The combination diagram, which the Inquisitr, Paparrazzis, and other websites took as evidence for it being a photoshop, was in fact created by a user to prove that it is real. Her head’s position is a little different than in those two photos, something that cannot be done in photoshop.

    4) The original photo had TrainReq’s watermark. Sound familiar? Same guy who leaked all the other Miley photos from her e-mail account.

    I’m sick and tired of misinformation being spread around. Tabloid websites should hire people who actually do research, and not just jump to conclusions.

  2. totally NOT her.
    anyone that would ever TRY to photoshop Miley into a picture like that is SICK. incredibly sick!!!
    Miley is a good girl, and yeah she has made some mistakes, but seriously people, who hasnt???
    Leave the poor girl alone.

  3. Michael you are a dumbass!! You can’t use EXIF data as proof, it’s awfull easy to edit.. and trainreq hacked Miley back in 2008, and was raided by FBI back iin fall 2008 and lost his computer priviligee.. Next time when you are gonna try to prove somthing, try to use actuall proof! idiot, it’s not Miley.

  4. The photo is miley. That is proof totally.
    If it is a photo shop then why isn’t there a Photoshop expert proving from the two photos that it was suposedly created from , and re make the photo. Many experts have tried and the headline and even the face is different to the other photos the picture was taken by miley and somehow hit the Internet

  5. Okay. Seriously?
    I have no ill will against Miley I think that she is a gorgeous girl. She is almost 17 so shes allowed to screw up. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that if she wasnt famous tiny crap like this wouldnt matter. If anything she is tame for a 17 year old in this day and age. Seriously go find a pretty girl her age and ask her if shes done anything like what Miley has chances are she will have. Go to Myspace or Facebook and see what kind of crap teenagers get away with. She’s a good girl who is growing up quickly because shes forced to. I honestly see nothing wrong with any pictures leaked or for that matter the Vanity Fair photo shoot. I think those pictures are gorgeous, well shot and artistic. If anything the poor souls who slander Miley should be the ones under fire. To the people who do choose to call her things like “slut” Tramp” and “talentless” you need a better hobby. One where you arent constantly hacking a defenseless girls self esteem to pieces. Let the girl live her life the way she wants. She is not hurting anyone by doing so. And if youre afraid that your little girls are going to want to be just like her let your child show some creativity. That way they’ll be happy to be themselves and not try to copy someone else. And there is such thing as Blocking on your computers do that and all they’ll see of Miley is the Disney side of her.

  6. that is NOT her. i mean look at the nose. completely different from her nose. and when i look at it i dont see that its 100% her, its someone else.

  7. she’s not that girl!! do yu believe thats reaaly miley no!

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