Cynthia Hampton – John Ensign Affair

Cynthia Hampton - John Ensign Affair

Nevada Senator John Ensign in a news conference held on Tuesday in Las Vegas broke the news of his extra-marital affair with Cynthia Hampton, his campaign treasurer and wife of his political aide Douglas Hampton. The Cynthia Hampton – John Ensign affair said to have lasted for more than two years since November 2008 to May 2008 and was no secret to Ensign’s wife Darlene Ensign. Senator John Ensign in his statement said: “I came back home to Nevada to come forward to explain to the citizens of our state something I was involved in about a year ago.  Last year I had an affair.  I violated the vows of our marriage.  It is absolutely the worst thing I have ever done in my life.”

Geez! What would Bill Clinton say about this particular issue knowing that Senator John Ensign during the Monica Lewinsky – Bill Clinton scandal became very critical about issue? Looks like in every corner of the world there will always be a new scandal emerging. Well, for Senator John Ensign, it was a very brave thing to do, but for his reputation as a 2012 Republican presidential hopeful, I don’t think there’s still hope for that now that the Cynthia Hampton Ensign issue emerged.

Cynthia Hampton – John Ensign Affair Video

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