Maricar Reyes Scandal Video Part 4

Maricar Reyes Scandal Part4

Another alleged Maricar Reyes scandal video found its way on the internet and this time its Part 4 of the Maricar Reyes Hayden Kho scandal series. Hayden Kho is going to be in big trouble again as the alleged scandalous video is being feasted all over the world. The Maricar Reyes scandal video part 4 that is being referred to here is the one where Maricar could be seen being videotaped by Hayden Kho while sleeping. If you look at the picture above you’ll see how rude Hayden is videotaping his ex-girlfriend while probably wanking his way around. If you’ve seen the first Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho scandal video, you’d probably remember the exact same room being shown. And probably you won’t also forget about the Maricar Reyes Part scandal part 3 in the living room where Maricar was seen enjoying their escapade at a very close angle.

Check out a close up picture of the Maricar Reyes scandal part 4 after the jump.

Maricar Reyes Hayden Kho Scandal Part4

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6 Responses to “Maricar Reyes Scandal Video Part 4”

  1. hey stop circulating stuffs about maricar… have you no pity? tsk tsk… i really feel bad for her.

  2. nik, shes not pitty not even a victim, i thought she was but after seeing part3 she’s definitely one of those sl@tty b#tches

  3. Hayden Kantot on June 30th, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Poor Maricar. Surely she should be at pressure right now. Hayden Should be punished. Ang Hirap ng Manyakis talaga.

  4. asos…
    puro kau nagmamalinis…
    pare-pareho lng tayo oi,…
    pano xa nging kwawa eh in d first place d sana xa ngpagamit,,eh gus2 rin nya magpa tsug,,”’

  5. panood naman…ganda kc ni maricar wow!!

  6. HAHAIXT…kayo talaga..parang di kayo mga lalaki ahhh,,eh kung di ginawa ni hayden ang pag di sana natin makikita ang katawan ni maricar….

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