Leighton Meester Sexy Videotape on Celebhotline

Leighton Meester Sexy Videotape

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has an alleged sexy videotape which is being shopped around and is now available for download at Celebhotline.com. According to reports, the Leighton Meester private videotape was shot a few years back with her on and off lover Ed Westwick. Celebhotline’s website features screencaps of the Leighton Meester video showing her nasty side on this Gossip Girl Gets Wild videotape. In an interview with the press, Celebhotline.com spokesman Kevin Blatt said “We’ve seen the tape, and we’re hoping to close the deal.”

So this video is definitely legit I guess, I am wondering how much Leighton Meester would get for selling her sexy videotape online. Well for a popular Gossip Girl star like her, I think a 7-digit figure wouldn’t be too bad for the pocket. Just imagine millions of Gossip Girl fans wanting to take a glimpse of Leighton Meester in bare and giving a footjob. Yummy! I Wonder where I could download a copy of this alleged Leighton Meester tape, oh well.

Just head over to the next page to see some great vidcaps of Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl Gets Wild video.

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