Maria Belen Shapur – Mark Sanford Mistress

Maria Belen Shapur - Mark Sanford Mistress

It seems that politicians in the United States are engaging in extra marital affairs. This would only mean one thing, they just want to exercise their rights in a free nation and of course enjoy the temporary pleasure and extraordinary satisfaction brought about by forbidden love. Just a couple of days ago, there was news about the Cynthia Hampton – John Ensign affair that was followed by South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s affair with Maria Belen Shapur, an Argentinean woman living in Republica de la India in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Maria Belen Shapur – Mark Sanford’s mistress – works for Bunge y Born, a multinational agribusiness and grain trading corporation.

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According to reports, Maria Belen Shapur and Mark Sanford’s affair started way back in 2001 where they met in New York and developed a friendship after Maria sought advice from the governor on how to save her marriage; after that, the rest was history. Maria Belen is 43 years old, has two teenage sons and lives in a 14th floor apartment building in upscale Palermo District, near the Buenos Aires Zoo.

Mark Sanford Mistress Photo

Alleged Mark Sanford mistress lives in this apartment building

In a press conference held yesterday, Mark Sanford publicly admitted that indeed he had an affair with an Argentinean woman and that he was sorry for his mistakes and apologized to his wife and four sons for letting them down. So do you still want to vote for him in the next election?

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