Maria Belen Chapur Pictures – Sanfords Mistress Photos

Maria Belen Chapur Picture

Many are intrigued as to who really is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s mistress. The affair between Sanford and a lady named Maria Belen Shapur had been widely searched upon by internet users trying to find the identity of the woman behind the Mark Sanford affair.

Maria Belen Shapur, a 43-year old woman of Argentinian decent living in Republica de la India in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, divorced with two teenage sons, and works for an international agriculture firm have already been identified by the media through photos claiming that she really was Maria Belen Shapur the long time mistress of Mark Sanford.

The Maria Belen Chapur pictures you are about to see are taken from a celebrity gossip blog. This photos may not be as accurate but it’s up to you to judge the validity of the source. The Maria Belen Chapur – Sanford mistress picture reveals the true identity of Mark Sanford’s hidden love affair. The release of this photos may have some implications on the political career of Governor Sanford but you can really never hide the truth anymore.

Check out the alleged Maria Belen Chapur photos after the jump.

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