Obama caught looking at girl – checking out girl Mayara Tavares

Obama Checking Out Girl Mayara Tavares

It seems that the most powerful man in the world has a weakness over lovely young girls with pink-satin-draped booty. President Barack Obama was caught looking at girl Mayara Tavares, a G8 junior delegate from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Obama might have forgotten the fact that he is the President of the United States and that checking out a girl’s butt in public is definitely a no-no for public officials. This Obama checking out girl Mayara Tavares picture is definitely a big LOL to all democrats.
Although Obama was not alone with his wandering eyes cause it seems like French President Nicolas Sarkozy is also in it for the thrill. I bet both of you guys are gonna be sleeping on the couch this week. Lol!

Check out the Obama looking at girl picture after the jump.

Obama Looking at Girl Photo

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