Piolo Pascual Shirtless For Belo Medical Ad

Piolo Pascual Shirtless

Filipino hunk actor Piolo Pascual showcases his irresistible shirtless bod for the recent Belo Medical Group print ad. The young male actor, who’s currently one of the top male endorsers in the country, does a shirtless pictorial showcasing his six pack abs and masculine body in one of the Philippines’ top cosmetic surgery clinic.

Piolo Pascual has been adored by many showbiz fans here in the Philippines. His career is just as blooming from the first time he ever set his foot on the movie screens and on television. I guess being one of the top male actors brings in the stack. I heard that he’s been courting the Mega Star’s daughter KC Concepcion and he even gave her a five-year supply of expensive perfume as a gift. Geez! That’s just too much for a courting gift eh!? Enough of the talking and head over to the next page to see the Piolo Pascual shirtless photo for Belo Med.

Piolo Pascual Shirtless Belo Ad

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