Ashley Greene Dirty Photos

Ashley Greene Dirty Photo

Just before the leaked Ashley Green scandal pictures surfaced the internet, the Twilight New Moon actress already did pose for a sexy photo shoot for Maxim Magazine for their December 2008 issue and she was way hotter than her leaked scandal pictures. The 22-year old actress who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight New Moon Saga has been the on the buzz lately for some scandalous photos that were leaked online a few days ago. Ashley Green fell victim to what others seem as a publicity stunt for some celebrities trying to boost up their dying careers.

The Ashley Green leaked photos are still being searched until now out of the public’s curiosity. A couple of days ago their were a couple of Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos that also made its way online. During the Teen Choice Awards, comedian Dane Cook joked about young celebrities taking their clothes off for the cameras and left some thoughts for Vanessa to ponder upon, saying “Girl you got to keep your clothes on!  Phones are for phone calls, girl.” Oh well, celebrity scandals are part of the growing trend in the entertainment business, without them we have nothing to write about.

Check out more Ashley Greene dirty photos from Maxim Magazine after the jump.

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