Katrina Halili – Mega Magazine August 2009 Cover Girl

Katrina Halili Mega Magazine Cover

After being tagged as the most watched accidental porn star for the leaked Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho scandal video that hit the webs a few months ago, Katrina Halili is now trying to regain her celebrity status by posing for Mega magazine’s August 2009 issue. The sexy star, who once became famous for her video scandal with celebrity doctor Hayden Kho, shares how her life has been since the incident. The latest ‘Scandalous’ issue of Mega magazine shows a different Katrina Halili, probably recovering from all the humiliation she got when the leaked Katrina Halili scandal turned her world upside down.

The Rosalinda star will probably not pose for some men’s magazine as of the moment, but we’re still waiting for the time she will again come back to what she really does best. Showing us those precious goodies that we’ve been hungrily eyeing out these past few months.

Check out Katrina Halili in the cover of Mega Magazine August 2009.

Katrina Halili Mega Magazine Cover Picture

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16 Responses to “Katrina Halili – Mega Magazine August 2009 Cover Girl”

  1. Oh my, what have you done to her hands?

  2. E.T. Fingerpower!

  3. Photoshop FAIIIILLL!!!!

  4. She could palm a medicine ball with those hands. Quite hideous, to say the least.

  5. If O.J. Simpson would’ve had hands like that, he never would’ve needed a knife. And the gloves most certainly would not have fit.

  6. Uuh..
    actually, I don’t think it’s ‘shopped. Seriously, why the f*ck would they do that to her hands? I think it just looks really awkward because she’s holding her one hand kind of backwards and some of her fingers are overlapping so that one looks really long. I tried it with my own hands, and they sort of looked like that.

  7. Yeah, it’s not weird because of the photoshopping. I first thought they’d flipped her hands left-to-right because it looks like she’s got a right hand attached to her left arm. But actually that front hand is attached to her right arm (in the blue sleeve) and the sleeve is covering the wrist (inside the D) so it looks like it’s attached to the left arm instead.As for the hand in back, the finger that looks really long is actually two fingers on top of each other – the soft lighting has eliminated the shadows that would normally differentiate the end of the finger. And the other “long finger” of that hand is actually her thumb, which appears longer because the finger of her other hand is blocking our view of the inside edge, which makes it look like it continues all the way back to the wrist.

  8. A blind pig must of did that photoshop LOL, that’s pitiful hand work.

    All mag covers are photoshopped to some degree and only the dumbest fools think otherwise,.

  9. I guess she doesn’t need a boyfriend?

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  11. Photoshop Disaster :)

  12. She is lucky!!! She can pick her nose and scratch her cerebellum in one move!!

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  15. I have seen her last month in auckland, was a great show!

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