Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 MBS3 in CDO

Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling all Filipino bloggers out there to come and join the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit (MBS3) this coming October 24, 2009 in Cagayan de Oro, the City of Golden Friendship. The Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 aims to promote Mindanao with its current theme: “Mindanao Bag-uhon ang Panan-aw”. This special gathering of Mindanao and Non-Mindanao bloggers will hopefully bring a big impact on how the world will view the Philippines, especially Mindanao, as a peaceful and a non-war stricken society. The event will not only tackle advocacy topics related to Mindanao but will also be a venue for bloggers to meet and share their ideas with each other.

MBS3 will be hosted by the CDOBloggers team, which is spearheaded by Chiq Montes and a couple of Cagayan de Oro City bloggers who thrive to promote the beautiful and blooming city of Cagayan de Oro into the open. For inquiries on how to join the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3, head over to this pre-registration page.

For details on where to stay in Cagayan de Oro during the 2009 Bloggers Summit, visit this Cagayan de Oro hotel guide for more details on accommodations.

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