Kätlin Laas Scandalous Pictures from Big Brother Finland

Kätlin Laas PBB Swap Housemate

Big Brother Finland’s Kätlin Laas is the latest addition to the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Housemates after swapping places with PBB housemate Cathy Remperas, the Charming babe from Bohol. The 22-year-old Finnish housemate have been staying in the PBB house for weeks now and I’ve seen that she really is a gorgeous babe looking for some good lovin’ inside the Big Brother’s house. Just recently, some leaked scandalous pictures of Kätlin Laas and video screencaps which were taken from a shower scene while she was still inside Big Brother’s House in Finland made its way on the internet. The Katlin Laas scandal pictures or scandal video may have been leaked by some 24/7 BB viewers cause as far as TV programming is concerned, other countries hosting the Big Brother TV series do not restrict viewers who are interested in watching the housemates get bored inside the house and do their own escapades and stuff inside.

Check out some edited Katlin Laas scandal video screencaps after the jump.

Kätlin Laas Scandal Video Screencap

Kätlin Laas Scandal Video Screencap 2

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