Krista Ranillo – Ginebra San Miguel 2010 Calendar Girl

Krista Ranillo Ginebra Calendar 2010

Sexy star Krista Ranillo, the girl behind the supposedly Manny Pacquiao scandal is going to be gracing the Ginebra San Miguel 2010 calendar. She will soon be following the footsteps of previous Ginebra Calendar girls’ Marian Rivera, Angelica Panganiban, and Iwa Moto. Though this seems a bit odd don’t you think? Knowing that Manny Pacquiao is one of the biggest endorsers for the said liquor brand must have something to do with Krista endorsing the Ginebra San Miguel 2010 calendar. Big deal huh? If the rumors were true that there indeed exists a Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo love affair then we’d really love to see where this issue will lead to. Though if this was just a publicity stunt for Krista Ranillo to boost her career in showbiz, then she’s one lucky b*tch for that matter, picking the legendary Filipino boxing icon who has the fame, the influence, and of course, the moolah. Oh yeah baby!

More Krista Ranillo sexy photos will be posted soon as we get a copy of the 2010 Ginebra San Miguel calendar. So check back soon!

Krista Ranillo Photo

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