Is there really a Tiger Woods Video Scandal?

Tiger Woods Scandal

If there exists a video scandal featuring pro golfer Tiger Woods then this is definitely something to post about. If you still remember a couple of weeks ago, Tiger Woods was allegedly involved in some secretive affairs with various women, which made headlines all over the world. The Tiger Woods mistress phenomenon was probably one of the the most talked and blogged about event in the entireĀ  sports history. Now the highest paid philandering athlete in history is yet to face another unimaginable shame in the this so called Tiger Woods video tape scandal.

A 30-second video clip featuring the golfer himself and an unidentified partner. According to Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment, someone contacted him saying she wants to sell the intimate video tape of Tiger Woods that was taken two years back. The people at Vivid as of now are still trying to identify the people behind the alleged video tape. And of course if the tape seems to be valid, a deal must be signed of first before they release the said scandalous video to the public.

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  4. I am glad that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the game exciting all over again.

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