Johnny Depp Car Crash was a Hoax

Celebrity hunk actor Johnny Depp was allegedly involved in a car accident that was supposed to have taken place in Bordeaux, France. Is it really true that Johnny Depp died in a car crash? Well, all reports leading to the Johnny Depp car crash was just a malicious hoax and that Johnny Depp is still alive and well. The rumors started spreading on the internet a while ago on Twitter and gained popularity when a URL on the web hosting service that showed a fake CNN webpage, detailing the cause of the car accident which supposedly led to the death of the actor. According to SF Gate, Depp is very much alive  and that actor Crispin Glover called up Depp to prove that he really was not involved in any accident. There’s still no word on who perpetrated the hoax or why.

Check out a photo of the face CNN webpage which brought up the Johnny Depp car crash rumor after the jump.

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  1. i love his movie Edwards Scissorhands, i think it is one of Johnny Depp’s best performance aside from Pirates of the Caribbean.*’,

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