UFC 109 Live – Couture vs. Coleman Live Stream

MMA sports fans prepare for another round of Ultimate Fighting Championship action as UFC 109 live brings you two legendary fighters in MMA history. Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman in an ultimate battle dubbed as UFC 109: Relentless on Saturday February 6, 2010 10pm ET/ 7PM PT live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC 109 is one of the most awaited event in UFC history as fans waited ten years for this event just to witness Hall of Famers Randy “The Natural” Couture and Mark “The Hammer” Coleman square off inside the ring.

According to some sports analysts and professional trainers:

Mark Coleman, like Couture, is a guy that was part of the first wave of top-tier wrestlers that took over the sport in the late 90s. I actually trained Mark when he was invited to compete in the first Pride GP. He had lost 2-3 fights in a row and was able to rededicate himself and win the GP. What has impressed me most about this particular era of Coleman’s career is he seems to have that same determination and fire again.

This will be one of the few fights where Couture is up against a guy that is his age but who has equal or better wrestling ability. Coleman’s takedowns are powerful, and he may have the advantage in this category. Even though Randy is very strong, I also give the punching power edge to Coleman. The ability to transition and flow goes to Couture, and he also has better endurance.

If Mark Coleman is going to win, I think it will have to come in the first 7-10 minutes of the fight. If the fight gets past that point, the odds will probably swing towards Couture. Either way it is a historical fight between two guys that are true UFC legends, and I will certainly be watching. I hope both have great performances and come out the other side healthy. via Sherdog

Who do you think will emerge victorious in UFC 109? Will it be Randy Couture, the Greco-Roman wrestler or ground-and-pound specialist Mark Coleman? Stay tuned as we will be providing you with a UFC 109 live stream feed for you to watch Couture vs. Coleman live streaming video in the fighting arena. You can also watch UFC 109 live stream via pay-per-view through the main UFC channel or via Yahoo! Sports.

Update: Watch UFC 109 live stream here for free.

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