Pinoy Big Brother PBB Double Up Big Five Housemates

The race is still on as to who among the ‘Big Five’ remaining PBB Double Up housemates Melai, Tibo, Jason, Paul Jake, and Johan will be chosen as the sole PBB Double Up Big Winner during the Big Night on Saturday February 13. This is going to be the first time in the history of the Big Brother series to have five housemates competing against each other for the finals. It’s exactly 2 more days left before the Big winner is revealed and PBB fans are already very excited to witness this special event. As events unfold today until D-day let’s get to know each of our Big Five housemates.

Melisa Cantiveros aka Melai, a 21-year-old student, part-time instructor, and funny lady from General Santos City. She was nicknamed Inday Kengkay because of how she acts in front of the camera. Melisa looks at the positive side of things despite people teasing her about her looks.

Steve Jumalon aka Tibo, a 34-year-old father of three from Cagayan de Oro. He comes from a family of five siblings with four different fathers to one mother. When he was younger, he and his family went to Manila to escape from a syndicate. Growing up as a strong and determined individual, he later on became a target shooting champion.

Paul Jake Castillo, a 25-year-old businessman from Metro Cebu coming from a well-to-do family. At age 22 years he has already established his own business. He prides himself for being down-to-earth for he is able to get along with people from all walks of life. Paul Jake graduated from the University of San Carlos.

Jason Veron Marasigan Francisco aka Jason,  is a 22-year-old thug from Oriental Mindoro. Infamous in his hometown for starting brawls and other shenanigans, he admits that he is not one to back out of a fight. Idolizing actor Robin Padilla, Jason says he always gets what he wants.

Johan Morielle Santos is a 22-year-old working student from Quezon City. Johan is known to be the family’s breadwinner, he is strong-willed and works very hard to support his family. His good looks have often attracted indecent proposals he quickly rejects.

Now that you know the real deal about our five housemates, it’s up to you to choose who should deserve the Double Big Winner title. The online voting poll for PBB Double Up is still up so hurry vote now!

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