Erin Andrews Peephole Stalker Michael David Barrett Jailed

Michael David Barrett, the man behind the proliferation of the leaked Erin Andrews peephole video, was sentenced to 30 months in prison earlier today and was ordered to pay $7,366 in restitution. It was in February 2008 when Barrett stayed in the hotel room next to Andrews in Columbus, Ohio and used a peephole to secretly shoot video of Andrews without anything on in her room. He even followed and spied on Andrews in a Nashville hotel where he again secretly filmed Erin Andrews in a peephole video. It is said that seven of the eight Erin Andrews peephole videos posted on the internet were reportedly taken in the Nashville hotel room.

The ESPN sexy sportscaster have spoken to the media about how her peephole video is still being spread on the internet. Erin Andrews even obtained a copyright of the video claiming to be her and tried to get it off the Internet, but to no avail, even those Erin Andrews peephole pictures are still live and are being circulated and downloaded in various torrent sites.

The Erin Andrews peephole issue was one of the most talked about video scandal in the U.S. Almost everyone who knew the gorgeous sportscaster wanted to take a glimpse of her being videotaped in a hotel room. Although this comes as a publicity stunt for the sportscaster herself as she’s becoming more and more popular each time her peephole videos and pictures become headlines.

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