Are Those Pops Fernandez Leaked Photos Real?

There have been rumors spreading around the internet that an alleged Pops Fernandez scandal photo is being circulated around via social networks and mobile MMS. The Concert Queen who hasn’t been heard for quite some time now is becoming popular again due to these alleged Pops Fernandez scandal pictures that was leaked online by an unknown source.

Ex-husband Martin Nievera believes that the scandal photos of Pops Fernandez being leaked are cropped and are fake. Martin believes that her ex-wife is a decent woman and that he’s mad about those who are trying to ruin his ex-wife’s image. But is that what everybody’s saying nowadays? Known celebrities who have scandal videos and scandal photos are always trying to defend themselves but when proof comes out, poof, there goes free publicity. Why would a 45-year-old woman like Pops Fernandez still be a subject of a photo scandal? If I were the photoshop expert, I would have chosen those young Pinay celebrities like Cristine Reyes, Maricar Reyes, Katrina Halili, KC Concepcion and the likes. Is this scandal photo of Pops Fernandez leaking probably just a publicity stunt for her dying career? You be the judge.

Check out the alleged Pops Fernandez scandal photo after the jump.

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