Derek Ramsay Goes Shirtless for Red Mobile

Fil-British TV hunk actor and commercial model Derek Ramsay is the newest endorser of Red Mobile for their latest unli prepaid campaign. Looks like Red Mobile is giving away an early Valentines treat to its consumers with their newest crazy low unli rates. Red Mobile’s Unli Quatro – unlimited text messaging for only 4 pesos and Unli Ocho – unlimited text and calls to Red users for only 8 pesos, plus you’d get a chance to see Derek Ramsay shirtless when you visit Red Mobile’s Facebook Fan Page (Just click on the huge ad featuring Derek in gray t-shirt and you’ll be redirected to his promotional video where you’ll see his oozing hot shirtless bod) You’d probably think of switching to Red once you get to see Derek strut his stuff.

Check out Derek Ramsay’s newest ad for Red Mobile and video after the jump.

What are the benefits of using a Red Sim?

Not only does Red Mobile offer the lowest unli call and text rates, and nation widest coverage, you’re guaranteed that your prepaid load will surely go along way up to the last drop. Red Mobile offers the lowest rates when it comes to texting and calling. A much cheaper alternative compared to other telco brands in the country. Would you believe that texting and calling from one red mobile number to another only costs .50 centavos? Yes, that’s indeed true! No wonder why a lot of users are now switching to the power of Red. “Abot Kaya. Abot Lahat.”

For those who joined Red Mobile’s contest here are the 10 Lucky Winners of Nokia C3 Phones:

  1. Jonaliane Meach S.A. Flores
  2. Michael Tutor
  3. Anthony Aguilar
  4. Kristina Amanda Cruz
  5. Ryan Apuan
  6. Kimberly E. Sabas
  7. Jerome Ng
  8. Jesusa Onato
  9. Glory Ann Ocay
  10. Imo Garcia

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