Shera Bechard is Hugh Hefner’s New Girlfriend

The last time I heard news about magazine magnate Hugh Hefner was when his ex-fiance Crystal Harris dumped him and called of their wedding and now I’m hearing that Hef has a new girl and she is Shera Bechard. Yes, it’s confirmed via the Playboy founder’s twitter account that Bechard is indeed his new girlfriend. Shera, on the other hand, even confirmed the news on her Twitter page saying, “It’s true… @SheraBechard really does love @hughhefner !!! The world is in alignment again!!” Whoa! This only means that money and fame really can change everything. Even if you’re 85, you still get a taste of fresh meat and an overall playmate.

Shera Bechard, the 27-year old Canadian model, is one of Playboy’s playmate for November 2011. So Hugh Hefner finally found a replacement after a recent break-up with Crystal. This could only mean one thing, Hugh Hefner needs to work out a lot and be up to speedĀ  cause he’s not getting any younger anymore. And maybe the help of some realistic dildos will do the job for him.

How I wish I could be like the ‘Hef’ but before the world ends, head over to the next page to see some delightful Shera Berchard lingerie pictures from one of her Playboy photoshoots. Ok! It’s time to drool.

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