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Beyonce Knowles is a Hot Police Officer

  If Beyonce Knowles is a police officer, I wouldn’t mind committing a petty crime if she’s the one who’s going to arrest me. Lol! But sad to say that the photo showcasing Beyonce wearing a hottie NYPD uniform is just a costume for her new music video “If I Was a Boy,” which is […]

Beyonce Knowles Is Marie Claire UK Cover Girl for October

  Sexy R&B star Beyonce Knowles will be featured on the next cover of Marie Claire UK magazine this coming October. Beyonce looks pretty hot and sexy in the front page, and kudos to the graphic artists whose behind all of this. I guess celebrities can’t live without Photoshop nowadays. This newly made masterpiece really […]

Is Beyonce Knocked-up?

After the news broke out that Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting married, then came the confirmation that the couple got married already according to Mary J. Blige. Now, rumor has it that our Beyonce is said to be pregnant. Ok! Another celebrity on the knocked-up list I guess. If the rumors are true then let’s […]