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Entertainment Buzz: Johnny Depp Might Sell Rubber Protectors

What? The Pirates of the Carribean star Johnny Depp is going to sell rubbers? I’m assuming he’s going to be called “Rubber Johnny” after this. It’s been reported that the Hollywood star’s been offered a whooping 10 million dollars to become the face of Trojan condoms. Cool! This would then be the next famous tag […]

Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape: Fake or Not?

Alright folks let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan’s Sex Tape really does exist and even if our favorite Hollywood celebrity denies all the rumors, the alleged tape will still end up in the world wide web’s circulation. Soon. I guess Lohan is freaking mad about this cause she made a call to his ex-boyfriend Calum Best […]

Paris Hilton Private Photos: Look at those ugly scars

I just stumbled upon the heiress’ photos from this site. Is this another Paris Hilton private photos? Geez! I thought Paris Hilton’s legs are flawless, but by the looks of it she has a lot of scars and it’s a major turn off. Lol What could have possibly happened to her legs? Opinion Polls & […]

Sexy Celebrity Photos: Amanda Griffin

This featured model might not be familiar to you, but she’s indeed a 100% hottie. Amanda Claire Griffin, is a British fashion model and television personality in the Philippines. The sexy model and celebrity Griffin has modeled numerous designers and brands both in the Philippines and other countries in Asia, where she has also graced […]

Victoria Beckham’s Husband Caught In The Act

One of the hottest male celebrities David Beckham, had been spotted by paparazzi’s in Seoul’s Circle Club(while on tour with LA Galaxy in South Korea) being hugged by a mysterious lady. Lucky dude, who might this mysterious woman be? Is she probably one of his fans? I don’t think fans can go immediately near their […]

Angel Locsin Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2008 Edition

Kapamilya star Angel Locsin is the cover girl of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the local edition of the largest young women’s magazine in the world. For those of you who don’t know anything about this young and sexy celebrity, she’s known for her television and film roles and product endorsements in the Philippines. Aside from that she […]

Hollywood Celebrity Angeline Jolie Got New Breast Implants?

Nope definitely not! She may no longer need new breast implants cause she’s preggy. Sexy Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie looks very hot and sexy in her maternity dress or rather looks very fashionable and glamorous in her maternity-type of dress. And it’s so hot! Due to the fact that our favorite 32-year-old sexy celebrity is […]

Sexy Celebrity Olga Kurylenko: The Next James Bond Girl

Hollywood Celebrity Olga Kurylenko is said to be the next female lead star in the new James Bond film. The Ukrainian supermodel-turned-actress Kurylenko, who just starred in the recent movie Hitman, will now be Daniel Craig’s leading lady for the new James Bond film: Quantum of Solace. Reports say that the sexy Hollywood star spent […]

Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer

It’s been a long time since I heard gossips about this famous Hollywood actor. But just recently, it’s has been reported and confirmed that 55-year-old Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Stanford University Medical Center. Geez! Life is indeed short. Maybe the next time I’ll hear something from the […]

Demi Moore on Harper’s Bazaar Mag

Hollywood Celebrity Demi Moore is on the April 2008 cover of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Fabulous-at-every-age. The sexy Hollywood celebrity is still looking very glamorous at the age of 45. She doesn’t even look like a 45-year-old woman to me. I think she’s one of the hottest female celebrities in Hollywood. She’s got the looks and […]