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Father and son bonding moments

Brad Pitt and his son Pax went out for a ride in a 4×4 cart in downtown New Orleans. Aww! How sweet a bonding moment with his son on New Year’s Eve day. If by chance, the Pitt family would visit here in the Philippines, I would like to see Brad driving a tricycle (a […]

Jennifer Aniston was never pregnant

It is confirmed that Jennifer Aniston is not knocked up. The report stated by the The National Enquirer is said to be a hoax, just made up to increase the popularity of the 38-year old actress. Us Magazine says: “The National Enquirer reported that Aniston, 38, is expecting and speculated that the father could be […]

Paris is back from the Beach!

Okay! The heiress just came back from a family vacation in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. Guess what Paris was doing after swimming and relaxing at the beach; she’s back in her partying antics once again. The not-to-be heiress was spotted wearing a gold dress and partying all night in Los Angeles on Thursday. Looks […]

Milo Ventimiglia is dating Hayden Panettiere

30-year-old ‘Heroes’ star Milo Ventimiglia admits that he and co-star Hayden Panettiere, were romantically dating. A witness heard Milo saying that “he called her his girlfriend and that he loved her.” Aww, how sweet! They are a perfect match, its like love made in a series of episodes.

Teri Hatcher Naked on Letterman

Actress Teri Hatcher was caught naked by David Letterman. Looks like he just can’t keep his eyes off of her. The video is censored but still good for the preying perverts eyes.

Justin Timberlake will be endorsing Givenchy’s?

Rumor has it that Justin Timberlake could be the next face of Parfums Givenchy men’s fragrance, making it his first step into the beauty world. If this is true, Justin may have hit a jackpot in both his singing and endorsement career. The American pop singer already have his line of clothings from William Rast […]

Jennifer Aniston is Knocked Up!

Geez! Looks like every famous celebrity I know is getting knocked up this days. And now Jennifer Aniston, 38 is reported to be pregnant according to The National Enquirer. Looks like the culprit is Jason Lewis from the TV series Sex and the City, since they were reported to be living together under the same […]

The Pitts: A Family Day Out

The Pitt family, Angelina, Brad, and three of their kids Maddox, Pax, and Zahara were seen at the AMC Palace Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana Wednesday afternoon. Jolie and Pitts were accompanied to the movies by not one, but two bodyguards. After seeing the movie, The Water Horse, the couple and their kids headed to […]

6 Hot Models of Victoria’s Secret Nude

OMG! Am I still asleep? Or it’s just a dream, if not please don’t wake me up, I’m still waiting for these hot chicks to do a frontal pose. These lovely and gorgeous ladies are too hot to handle. Victoria’s secret models are not just good in showing off their lovely lingerie outfits, but are […]

She’s wearing a bikini

Nicky Hilton was spotted in Hawaii wearing a bikini. Of course, a rich socialite can go and do anything she wants. She looks awesome in that striped bikini. I’m glad she doesn’t wear a furry bikini or else Eva Mendez would go berserk in her campaign and would even do a frontal for the public…Kiddin’! […]