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Obama caught looking at girl – checking out girl Mayara Tavares

It seems that the most powerful man in the world has a weakness over lovely young girls with pink-satin-draped booty. President Barack Obama was caught looking at girl Mayara Tavares, a G8 junior delegate from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Obama might have forgotten the fact that he is the President of the United States and […]

Maria Belen Chapur Pictures – Sanfords Mistress Photos

Many are intrigued as to who really is South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s mistress. The affair between Sanford and a lady named Maria Belen Shapur had been widely searched upon by internet users trying to find the identity of the woman behind the Mark Sanford affair. Maria Belen Shapur, a 43-year old woman of Argentinian […]

Michael Jackson suffered a Heart Attack

The King of Pop Michael Jackson suffered from a severe heart attack earlier and was immediately rushed to the hospital after being diagnosed by paramedics that he had a cardiac arrest. According to reports, the 911 call came in at 12:21PM at his Holmby Hills home in L.A. and ambulance arrived at the scene and […]

Maria Belen Shapur – Mark Sanford Mistress

It seems that politicians in the United States are engaging in extra marital affairs. This would only mean one thing, they just want to exercise their rights in a free nation and of course enjoy the temporary pleasure and extraordinary satisfaction brought about by forbidden love. Just a couple of days ago, there was news […]

Obscenity Appears on Shaker Heights Yearbook Cover

School administrators of Shaker Heights high school in Ohio were alarmed when students who had just received their yearbooks discovered an obscenity in the yearbook’s cover. The obscenity that appeared on the Shaker Heights high school yearbook cover was the work of a student artist who drew a creative interpretation of Shaker Heights High School’s […]

Cynthia Hampton – John Ensign Affair

Nevada Senator John Ensign in a news conference held on Tuesday in Las Vegas broke the news of his extra-marital affair with Cynthia Hampton, his campaign treasurer and wife of his political aide Douglas Hampton. The Cynthia Hampton – John Ensign affair said to have lasted for more than two years since November 2008 to […]

Tina Sherman Files $3M Lawsuit against McDonalds for Exposing Private Photos

There’s a recent buzz going on at McDonalds; it’s not food related but it may lead to something worth talking about. The world’s most popular fast food chain is being sued by a woman named Tina Sherman for exposing her private photos online. The leaked photos were Tina’s personal pics sent to her husband’s mobile […]

Save Money During the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is already here and Christmas is just around the corner. The spirit of Christmas can already be felt in every lighted homes, shopping malls, and even on the streets. They say Christmas is the time of giving and sharing the blessings you’ve received once a year. And one way of doing that […]