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Erin Andrews Peephole Stalker Michael David Barrett Jailed

Michael David Barrett, the man behind the proliferation of the leaked Erin Andrews peephole video, was sentenced to 30 months in prison earlier today and was ordered to pay $7,366 in restitution. It was in February 2008 when Barrett stayed in the hotel room next to Andrews in Columbus, Ohio and used a peephole to […]

Erin Andrews 911 Emergency Call

After spotting some suspicious people creeping around her Georgia home last week, the ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews immediately called 911 for a complaint. The Playboy sexiest sportscaster, who became famous for the alleged ‘Erin Andrews peephole video‘ that leaked online, is now being stalked by paparazzis and reporters trying to get a hunch on […]

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Tape

The search is still on for the Erin Andrews peephole video and in fact the leaked Erin Andrews peephole video tape was reported circulating again on the web and is being downloaded through file sharing and torrent sites. The alleged Erin Andrews video that was posted on a website a couple of days ago became […]

Erin Andrews – Playboy Sexiest Sportscaster Pics

Before the Erin Andrews peephole video came into online existence, she was already dubbed by Playboy as the Sexiest Sportscaster for 2008. ESPN’s lovely sideline reporter and former Florida Gator basketball cheer dancer is now on top of the search trends as far as peephole videos are concerned. The Erin Andrews peephole video link footage […]

Erin Andrews Video Leads to Malware

The search is still on for the Erin Andrews peephole video that leaked online a few days ago. Although there are some sources that lure people from downloading the Erin Andrews video which may lead to harmful malwares and Trojan viruses in your computers. So better be careful when choosing where to get a copy […]

Erin Andrews Peephole Pictures / Photos

Looks like the Erin Andrews peephole video phenomena is still very hot these days as many Erin Andrews sports fans are still taking their chances in searching for the alleged Erin Andrews peephole video link in RapidShare and MegaUpload. But guess what, the Erin Andrews peephole pictures are now surfacing the web and for those […]

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Link – RapidShare / MegaUpload

The alleged Erin Andrews peephole video which spread like wildfire on the internet has been the talk of gossip and entertainment blogs today. Rumor has it that an Erin Andrews peephole video link exists, which contains footages of the ESPN sportscaster being secretly videotaped in a hotel room and now a bunch of Erin Andrews […]

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Leaked

There are certain rumors spreading around that a leaked Erin Andrews video has been widely spread around the internet. If you are not familiar as to who Erin Andrews really is, let’s just say that she’s been fantasized by men who watch her daily on ESPN and she’s the sexiest sports reporter of all time. […]