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Kim Kardashian Sexy Bikini Pictures

I really have to post these candid pictures of Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of tight sexy bikinis for my friends. For a hot superstar like Kim, I’m pretty sure men will drool at these hot bikini candid pictures of hers. I don’t know what drives men crazy about her, maybe her large assets above […]

I Watched Kim Kardashian’s Seks Video

This topic is kinda late and is definitely NSFW. Anyway, who cares, I own this blog and I can do whatever I want with it. I was just intrigued about Kim Kardashian’s seks vedio with former boy toy Ray-J, so I really had to download and watch it, to calm the ‘pervertious’ side in me […]

Kim Kardashian Lingerie Pictures Ralph Magazine 2008

Check out these sexy lingerie photos of Kim Kardashian in the May issue of Ralph Magazine. I think these images are photoshopped just by looking at how thin Kim Kardashian is in these photos. Anyway, even though Kim Kardashian is chubby looking, I coined the term chubby since Kim is a type of girl having […]

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures

What is it that people like about Kim Kardashian anyway? Well she’s got great big boobs and a nice piece of ass, enough for people to like her very much; aside from the fact that she has a sex scandal and she’s Paris’ closest of friends, it’s more than enough for her to be famous. […]